Who, Why, What?

Are you wondering what C2C System is?

The technology of C2C consists of the use of our ATMs that accept both bills and coins, as well as portable C2C devices for merchants known as the C2C Pocket.

With our technology, you can better make online purchases by converting your cash to crypto-currencies, as well as use our printed cryptocurrency bills for use in retail chains worldwide.

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What is C2C System?

The C2C token was distributed to the numerous business partners and selected interested parties such as potential merchants, who came together to start the project and contributed resources for its initial startup phase. The token does not indicate any form of profit sharing in the present or future.

The token itself can be used as a currency within the platform for the purchase of premium services to be introduced in the future, as well as outside the system, especially with the use of C2C notes. Any further features of the C2C framework will always use the C2C token.

Additionally, it is planned that in the future there will be a public sale of tokens that represent some profit sharing rights and only the C2C token will be accepted for this. However, there will not be a set ratio for this as the C2C token is only used as a form of currency for this purpose. Further details about this token sale for profit participation tokens are yet to be determined. However, it has been decided that the Ardor Platform will be used due to the Asset Control feature which makes it easy to comply with regulations around tokens that may be classified as a security.